Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Restaurant Series: Ippudo NY

Our PR intern Casey Stanton, an East Village resident, recently visited local japanese restaurant, Ippudo. She enjoyed it so much she's written it up for the Journal -

I was dubious upon entering a restaurant that claimed to have the best pork buns in New York City – not only because I am a vegetarian and the thought of eating pork is daunting, but I am a die-hard Momofuku fan. So when my close friend told me that we would be trying a restaurant other than Momofuku for classic Asian Ramen bowls and buns, I was hesitant.

After my first dinner at Ippudo I was completely sold. Hands down the best Japanese meal I could ever imagine eating (within the United States, of course).

Ippudo’s ultimate goal is to “Keep changing to remain unchanged.” With a continuously diverse menu that includes new appetizers almost every day, they offer an authentic Japanese ramen culture to New Yorkers. One bowl of ramen has that ‘special something’ that transcends all culinary ethnicities and nationalities including Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, and Indian. Although there are thousands of different flavors and varieties, they are all known by the collective name "ramen." Thus this Japanese soul food, ramen, was born out of each chef's individual and free, unconstrained idea and concept.

We recommend going with a group of friends and ordering an array of appetizers and Ramen Noodle Bowls to share, depending on how many people you go with of course.

Some dishes we highly recommend include: Akamaru Modern Now, Shishito peppers, Hirata Chicken Wings, and the Hirata pork, chicken, and vegetable buns. While you can expect to be standing at the bar for at least twenty minutes before you are seated, we assure that it is well worth the wait.