Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Haven's Kitchen - An Evening of Recreational Cooking

Monday mornings in the studio, we like to compare notes about what we cooked over the weekend! Caitlin, our VP of Communications noticed recently over a morning coffee that her favorite Cafe / Food Boutique Haven's Kitchen actually offered small, cosy looking cookery classes.

We signed up for the 'Italian Kitchen' class that promised a lesson in making fresh pasta and sauces, as well as a sampling of paired Italian wines.

The decor of the kitchen is immediately homely and has that fresh, rustic 'organic' kitchen aesthetic. We were given an apron and name label upon entering, there were no more than 12 in the class and everyone has their own cooking station. To our delight (we were starving already wondering how we'd make it to the end of the class), there was a platter of cheeses laid out for immediate consumption, and our wine glasses were instantly filled (and re-filled throughout). A big country style table is laid for dinner at the end of the class

We learned to mix and knead a pasta dough, roll it out through a small manual pasta machine, and form the dough into long ribbony threads of tagliatelle and folded-over little ravioli parcels. We made a brown butter sauce for the ravioli, and cooked the tagliatelle in an oil based skimmed asparagus sauce - learning how to use the starchy pasta water to emulsify the sauce.

The classes offered by Haven's Kitchen are a perfect solution to the lack of casual, practical cookery classes in NYC. They offer other appealing courses - 'All Sorts of Salad' / 'Simple Seasonal Suppers' / 'Boozy Brunch'. You feel like you're cooking in your own home, with friends, nibbling and drinking as you cook. All in all a haven away from salty take-out and cramped New York kitchens...