Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Playing in the PG Studio..

Born in South London, Jessie Ware marks a new era for British POP.

Her work is a mixture of downtempo R&B and British electronic, tempered with a little melodrama. She started singing at school, inspired by the romance of her mother's Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald sings Cole Porter tapes... However she very nearly became a journalist. She wanted to be a football (soccer) reporter.

Jack penate, an old friend, remembering she could sing, asked her to do the backing vocals for him on a Zane Lowe BBC Radio session. One thing led to another, and she was snapped up by label PMR.

Though she started writing for the underground scene, she wanted to combine electronic with classical songwriting. Before releasing her first album she spent some time working out what her own sound, and voice would be. She didn't want to be too of the moment, a 'flash in the pan'.

'I didn’t want it to feel too ‘of now’, so that’s why I went back to beats and grooves of things I loved before, like Prince and Chaka Khan and Grace Jones. i wanted to make downer R&B, and songs that are beautiful and bittersweet, like Sade. it was just about mixing it up in the right way.'

Jessie Ware's work plays with the sweet and the dark, a melancholic and soulful reflection of the double edge..

She will be doing the festival tour in Europe over the summer, playing at Night and Day (Germany) Primavera, Rockness, Wireless and Glastonbury - amongst others.

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