Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Robin Hood Foundation

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with the Robin Hood team, and wanted to share what we discovered about this innovative and wholly influential New York based philanthropic organisation.

The Robin Hood Foundation - legacy of hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones - works with more than 240 nonprofit organizations in New York and surrounding areas. Using metrics to measure effectiveness of grants, they strategically support and develop organizations that provide direct services to the poor whilst also improving their earning power and long-term prospects.

They identify poverty in three forms:

Body - '1 in every 6 New Yorkers (1.4 Million) rely on daily emergency food

Mind - '40 percent of NY's Public School students won't graduate on time'

Education - '365,000 New Yorkers look for work today but didn't find any'

40,000 New York City school children don't have a place to call home

The Robin Hood foundation is not a charity in itself, but more like a 'fund of funds' - Charity of charities. They granted over 200 of the most effective poverty fighting organisations in NYC more than $146 million in 2011 alone.. As well as constant site visits and management assistance (strategic planning / marketing / finance / technology and legal) they also have 1.3 million square feet of real estate, ensuring that all grantees have somewhere to carry out their work.

92% of people who enter a Robin Hood-funded housing programme don't return to shelters, and Robin Hood programs increase the chances of passing the GED by 75%..

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