Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NYC Exhibition Series

White Collar Crimes is a group painting exhibition curated by Vito Schnabel (eldest son of artist and film director Julian Schnabel), currently on show at the Acquavella Galleries - one of New York's most prestigious institutions.

On view - new and recent work by Rita Ackermann, Tauba Auerbach, Stefan Bondell, Joe Bradley, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Dan Colen, Rashid Johnson and Josh Smith.

Described by Vanity Fair as a lot of new - and very downtown - names the show features a body of work that has been produced in New York by New York- based artists, over the last 5 years.

The exhibition applies the notion of the ‘white collar crime’ as a vehicle through which to analyze the cerebral works on view. White-collar crimes are concealed, silent crimes veiled by wealth, higher education and social status that eventually emerge as vivid public scandal. Similarly, upon first glance, the abstract works communicate on a surface level however, after closer observation themes such as identity, historical erosion, commercialization and political satire emerge from densely layered visual codes. (

The collaboration between a team of emerging artists and a well established Upper East Side gallery essentially known for blue chip exhibitions of modern masters has invited distinct intrigue and anticipation.

Schnabel says of the (to some) seemingly unlikely collaboration 'I’ve always thought of Acquavella as a real painting kind of gallery—whether it was Lucian Freud, Warhol, or de Kooning. They’re having a Pop still-life show right after mine, which is going to be pretty incredible. So in that sense it’s the perfect venue.

And Acquavella assert that 'By presenting these artists here Vito Schnabel is putting the work into a new context. We respect Vito tremendously as a curator, dealer and as a friend – all of his projects are thought provoking and innovative'

And so.. one of the more interesting and high profile shows currently going on in NYC - one to see

Acquavella Galleries located at 18 East 79th Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenues)

February 21 - March 27, 2013


***The Bruce High Quality Foundation
"The Wives"
Silkscreen, paint on mirror
Ten panels, each 40 x 30 inches
Image courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel