Monday, January 14, 2013

One to Watch - Kara Hayward

We had the pleasure of meeting Kara earlier this week, and the even greater pleasure of dressing her for both the 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards and the 2013 BAFTA Award Season Tea Party

The lonely, confused teenager Suzy from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom transformed into a beautiful PG lady!

This was just her first film - in her spare time she likes to read - 'I gobble up books' she tells Interview Magazine.

Kara first caught our attention in Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson's magical storybook contribution to 2012 cinema. Set in 1965 on an island off the coast of New England we are told the story of the bullied orphan Sam Shakusky and Suzy (Hayward) who become friends, two adolescent misfits looking for an escape from their lonely world.

Hayward gave a stunning performance as Suzy; perfectly remote, complex and introverted, whilst retaining an undoubtedly sophisticated charm. She explored the darker depths of her troubled character against the backdrop of Anderson's eerily alluring artifice of magical beauty, contributing to that sense of unnerving allegory he is well known for.

As reported by Vanity Fair - at the BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party this weekend, award winning Jennifer Lawrence (another PG favorite) made a beeline for Kara with the sole purpose of showering her with 'earnest praise.'

''Working with Wes Anderson on your first movie—can you imagine? And, like, nailing it!”

And so Hayward makes it into the top tier of the new generation of talent.. Excited to see what come next.