Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Perfect Summer Day in the City

The Prabal Gurung team cherishes nothing more than a perfect day in NYC free from all time constraints and obligations that go hand in hand with a regular work day. We asked a few of our co-workers what they would do on their day off in the city

Tyler Rose, Design Director

A perfect summer day would definitely include new discoveries, good food and surpassed expectations.... I’d wake up at 11:00 (anything earlier would be less than perfect), meet up with a friend or two to have brunch in a beautiful yet inexpensive Williamsburg bistro that I've never been before, stumble upon some great vintage and/or antique finds for either my apartment or my wardrobe, followed by a surprising/under-hyped film or art exhibit. A sunset rooftop party would definitely be the clincher. In summary, I'd leave the day with beautiful images and memories in my head, great food in my stomach and a wallet that hasn't been entirely decimated.

Caitlin Di Stefano, VP of Communications

My ideal summer day would start with a run around the reservoir followed by a late lunch outside with friends.

Frankie Williams, PR Intern

My perfect summer day would start off early in the morning when New York isn’t busy and the sun hasn’t risen to its usual scorching temperature. First stop on my list would be to Linen Hall for breakfast with friends, then a walk over to Washington Square Park for lying in the sun and cooling off in the fountain. After we’ve overheated, it’s time to hit up a cheap place to eat before seeing an art exhibit my friends and I have been dying to see. A few more hours in Manhattan, and I’m ready to head back to Brooklyn, pop in a movie and be thankful for my quiet and comfy apartment.

Calypso Lawrence, PR-Coordinator

My perfect summer day would be in May before it gets too hot and the park gets too crowded. I’d head over to Central Park with my friends, with a picnic from Serafina, some rosé, and a selection of good books. Maybe float around the pond in one of the rowboats…

Prabal Gurung

A perfect summer day would be running into a perfect stranger who becomes the object of my unrequited love…