Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Restaurant Series: Food-conscious edition!

Itís hard to eat healthily when you are moving from one thing to another without
much time for breaks. Weíve listed a few great health-conscious spots Ė Dig Inn and
Fuel in particular are midtown favorites that deliver, perfect for work.

Dig Inn has become a personal favorite of PR/Marketing Coordinator Calypso. They
offer an array of locally grown and sustainable vegetables and meats that come from
hormone free and humanely raised animals. Their philosophy is that quality food is
all about freshness, vitality, seasonality, and flavor. Each plate comes with a serving
of meat, a serving of whole grain or salad, two market sides and a side selection of
sauce. If thatís not enough they have a selection of freshly pressed juices along with
kombucha and amazing cookies. With an array of locations all around NYC, they
deliver right to the office!
275 Madison Avenue

Fuel Juice Bar & Grill is a local spot in Midtown that uses the freshest vegetables in their
juice blends, salads, and grilled options. This is your one-stop-shop for any health freak
trying to pick up their breakfast, lunch, or dinner without compromising their daily diet.
Some of the best things are the fruit juice smoothies (healthy and energizing), and the
grilled sandwich combinations for something with a little more protein in it. This place
definitely has something for everyone interested in eating healthy without compromising
112 W 38th St

One Lucky Duck is a great raw, organic, and vegan option and marketing intern
Russellís favorite restaurant. They have a huge selection of juices and shakes, but
amazing vegan dishes that are sure to satisfy. Vegan sushi rolls, freshly tossed
pumpkinseed salads, and portabella and hempseed burgers are just a few things off
of the menu. With locations in Chelsea Market and Gramercy, you can find a healthy
snack on either side of town.
125 E. 17th St. and Chelsea Market

Gingersnaps Organic is another great place and an East Village fixture. Recently
opened, it provides organic, raw and vegan. For those cleansing, itís definitely
a place to go to pick up a juice or freshly made salad. The interior is made of
completely sustainable and eco-friendly materials including recycled glass tiles,
reclaimed wood floors and an exhaust-less open air kitchen. Bring your own bottle
of wine, thereís also no corking fee!
130 E. 7th St

Westville is hardly a secret, but so good we had to mention. Their trademark is
simple- use nothing but the freshest ingredients to provide a delicious and healthy
meal for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. They only use seasonal vegetables so
thereís always something new to try, and safe to say the vegetable sides are so
good itís worth going for them alone. Artichoke Hearts with Parmesan, Honey Dijon Brussel Sprouts, Mixed Mushrooms with Leeks and Herbs and Fried Plantains with
Cojita Cheese- to name but a few..
246 W 18th St