Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Restaurant Series: East Village!

Continuing with our restaurant series, here are some of our favorite spots to wine and dine in the East Village.

Pylos is one of our PR Co-ordinator Calypso’s favorite restaurants- she says it’s the only Greek restaurant she’ll eat in outside of Greece. The front of house is unassuming yet sophisticated, and inside is warm and friendly with delicious Mediterranean aromas filling the room. It’s best enjoyed in groups, so you can share many different Mezethes (little plates) –MUST order the kolokythakia (crispy, fried eggplant rounds) saganaki (melted cheese pot) and soutzoukakia (meatballs in tomato sauce), also the fresh green salads with tangy feta cheese and juicy tomatoes. Most delicious are the fresh grilled octopus/scallops and Branzino- all come with the traditional Greek ‘Ladolemono’ lemon and olive oil dressing. Everything is fresh, light and full of flavor.
128 East 7th Street
(between Ave. A and 1st Ave.)

Café Mogador lies in the heart of the East Village, yet the rich Moroccan influence of both the food and the décor give it an exotic feel. The atmosphere is very friendly, with an energetic and youthful crowd. The flavors and spices in the food are incredible, especially the green chicken tagine and the hummus. The hosts and waiters are always attentive so you all you have to focus on is your friends and food.
101 Saint Marks Pl (between Ave. A & 1st Ave.)

Cacio E Pepe - A rustic hole in the wall on second avenue with a beautiful outdoor garden complete with twinkly little tea lights and climbing roses. The namesake dish is one of the best around and is served in front of you right out of the huge hollowed out round of pecorino romano. The type of restaurant that people dream of: quick seating, a romantic vibe, and delicious. What more can you ask for?
182 2nd Ave (between 11th St & 12th St)

Jack’s Wife Freda is run by two married chefs from South Africa and Isreal that wanted to have something tangible to remember their home while in New York. Their project serves to our benefit because whatever you order and whenever you order it, it is guaranteed to be amazing. Mediterranean flavors come on top in most dishes, but don’t call it a Greek restaurant, because it is so much more than that. Stop by for a quick brunch outside to enjoy people watching and a dish of poached eggs with grilled tomato and haloumi cheese. Seriously worth the trip!
224 Lafayette St (between Kenmare St & Cleveland Pl)

Aroma is a great Italian spot (Britton in Sales' personal favorite!) that prides themselves on using locally grown fresh foods to create amazing meals that you will definitely remember. The owners also curated an extensive wine list, which they consider just as important as the food. This restaurant is also perfect for parties because of their private back room where you can feast with your friends and enjoy a personalized experience that is sure to make for a good night. You can tell that Aroma takes dining seriously. And we appreciate it.
36 E 4th St (between Lafayette St & Bowery)

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