Monday, May 21, 2012

NYC Neighborhood Favourites

It’s hard to imagine it possible to find a retreat of any description in the center of busy, bustling SoHo- but with its peaceful, shady courtyard dotted with pretty wooden tables and leafy trees, opened onto by the sleek, vibrant lobby staffed by an extremely welcoming concierge, The Crosby Street Hotel is exactly that. Whether you’re visiting New York for the weekend, or just treating yourself to a brief change of scenery there couldn’t be a more perfect place to stay in downtown Manhattan.

There’s no shortage of color, stripe and kitschy motif in the décor- brightly colored stuffed dogs of varying shapes, sizes and textures are positioned carefully throughout the hotel- doggy collages and little framed pieces of doggy artwork are dotted around the walls. Every room is different, the friendly housekeeper proudly told me as we rode the elevator together. It’s evident everyone working here is not only very happy to be doing so, but seem also to hold their workplace in high esteem- certainly adding to the undeniably welcoming and happy atmosphere.

The food is delicious and arrives consistently promptly, always with a cheerful smile and polite greeting both to the room, in the restaurant, and to the bright little courtyard. All the little things The Crosby Street Hotel just gets right – the bedrooms are generously sized, the beds big, firm and comfortable with a perfect view out of the loft-style floor to ceiling window. Next to your pillow you’ll find a little bottle of aromatic ‘sleep well’ ointment -towel racks are heated. Should you not want to join the Sunday Evening Film Club screening in the cinema room, you could always watch a film in bed- dial a specific number and have freshly made popcorn brought up to the room. It all feels totally hassle free.

There’s something so charming about the balance of quirky kookiness and sleek, contemporary efficiency. The overall effect is not annoyingly trendy, pretentious and trying too hard, but warm, homely, current and vibrant. It’s hard not to see the point of some peace and quiet in SoHo.