Thursday, March 01, 2012

Behind the Photographs at the Prabal Gurung Fashion Show

Bon Duke is the type of photographer and videographer whose personality resonates through his work. Whether it is his playful video of a banana eating contest or his beautifully artistic ballerina series for The Block , Duke interjects everything he does with a piece of himself.

Duke's philosophy is that with every serious side to fashion there should be a humorous one to balance it out. Aside from his sheer talent, this is one of the many reasons we invited Duke to shoot and tweet backstage at our Fall 2012 show.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Duke says that he was not always the humorous guy that sits before me. “I used to be a serious hood rat. I would run through the subway tunnels to tag graffiti”, says Duke. There is nothing resembling the former hood rat in the artist today. Dressed in his usual uniform - black pants, fitted black jacket, white t-shirt and fingers covered in oversized silver and bronze rings, Bon discusses his past projects and future ones he hopes to embark on...which you'll have to wait and see! To see more of his work check out his website.

When not working on film or photography you can find Bon eating at his favorite restaurant, Five Leaves in Brooklyn. This comes as no surprise as Bon feels that being a food critic would be a stellar job. "I love food!" says Bon. In fact one of Bon's mottos in life is "Eat well. Don't take life too seriously."