Thursday, February 09, 2012

Behind the Sounds of the Prabal Gurung Fashion Show

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the brilliantly mixed tunes at the Prabal Gurung fashion shows? Meet the man behind the music - Kris Bones, who brings life to the runway season after season.

Twitter or Facebook?

It's unfortunate that this day and age we have to have either. With a gun to my head it's facebook

Google or Bing?

Google just because I don't like the idea of saying "I binged" it.

London or New York?

London to chill, n New York to work.

Mac or PC

What's a PC?

Iphone or Blackberry?

What's a Blackberry?

New York Times or New York Post?

London Evening Standard.

Uptown or Downtown?

Brooklyn baby.

John Lennon or Paul McCartney?

John. In New York. Paul when he was married to the girl with the false leg as I would like to think before bed he air guitared with it.

Chips or Candy?

Chips are fries candy are sweets in UK. Mmm chips. No, sweets. No, chips. No, candy fries.

Cassete Tapes or CDs?

Ermm...vinyl thanking you kindly.

Movie theater or DVD?

Theatre for a bit of this, DVD for a bit of the other.

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

7up with large amounts of grey goose in it.

Subway or Cab?

Subway until the C turns into the F without any notice.

Night out or Night in?

One night out followed by many nights in now as I'm getting old.

Liverpool or Manchester United?

Are you taking the f@king piss? I'm a Londoner... I would not care less if both fell into the pit from return of the Jedi with the teeth... you know the pit? I mean yes, that pit. Then watch said pit eat both teams. Chelsea. Btw.