Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Exhibitions We Love: Bosco Sodi "Ubi Sunt"

After a major show at Bronx Museum of Art,Bosco Sodi returns to New York with an exhibition entitled "Ubi Sunt". The Mexico City-born artist is known for his oversized, monochromatic paintings that are often full of rich textures and vivid colors.

The title, “Ubi Sunt” is a Latin phrase translating as, “Where are….”. The exhibition curator, Mark Gisbourne explains in an essay that the exhibition is, “an engagement with a lamentation of what is past brought into the present.” Each work is a summary of the memory and experience it took to create the painting, a process that demands the artist’s full physical and emotional attention. This attention is displayed in twelve large paintings created in Sodi’s signature style.

The works are made by a combination of a color's pure pigment along with materials including sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers, water and glue. The paintings are built up over the course of one or two days. According to Sodi he does not rest until the process is completely finished. He does not break once the pigment mixture is made and the first layer is put down. Sodi's intent is to share his experience of creating each piece through the finished product.

The exhibition, “Ubi Sunt,” which opened on December 9th can be seen until February 4th at The Pace Gallery. The Pace Gallery is located at 545 W. 22nd Street in New York City.