Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Style We Love: Taylor Tomasi Hill

It's not just Taylor Tomasi Hill's vibrant red hair that makes her stand out during Fashion Week season after season.  This New York editor is known for her audacious style - mixing and matching daring prints, experimenting with unexpected color palettes and completing her looks with lust worthy accessories. It is no surprise that she has become an industry style sensation. We had the chance to sit down with Taylor to discuss how she stays effortlessly chic during the warm summer months and where she goes to find her inspiration. 

1. If you weren't an Editor you would be...
A PI. I have a fascination with eaves dropping and I always joke with my husband that if I ever leave the fashion world or if we ever move home to Dallas I am going to get into the world of investigation. I'm sure my obsession stems from the "uniform" of a PI. Who doesn't love a trench?

2. What is your current summer obsession?
Ballet Beautiful. I've been training with Mary Helen Bowers over the summer, she's the ballerina responsible for Natalie Portman's training for Black Swan, (not the crazy lady who tried to take credit for all Portman's moves.) She focuses on lengthening, and opening your body. I've seen amazing results, and enjoy the class because it's a group of girls that I have known for a long time (new friends are welcome too) and we catch up before and after class. It's too painful to chat during class even though it's allowed, you usually only hear moans and grones.   

3. Who is your ultimate fashion icon?
Sarah Rutson. She has always been such an inspiration, not only as a fashion icon, but also as a role model and a respectable business woman in the industry. She has come so far, I admire her drive and passion to get where she is, all the while maintaining such an elegant and unique presence.

4. Your favorite summer get away?
Aspen. We go for a week every summer to hang with my in laws and all the kids. It's so beautiful and refreshing in the summer. Morning hikes, yoga, the views of mountains sitting next to the pool, gossip with the girls,  and fun rounds of golf (I just drive the golf cart, look awkward in my NYC duds, and chase the drink cart lady).

5. What are your summer wardrobe staples?
Pops of neon.

Cat-eyes of all varieties.

Chanel mineral water facial spray, for the days that get up to 102 in the city.

6. Tumblr or Twitter? Any favorites worth noting?
I guess I should jump on that band wagon, but still have yet to do so.

7. Favorite place to see street style?
Outside of Barneys of course! It's my favorite place to pop in mid day between appointments. I am always  inspired by what they have on display, whether it be the windows, an art installation, or an amazing new jewelry designer. I do a lot of what I like to call "market research" at Barneys, well, at least that's what I tell my husband.

8. What are your 3 favorite places in NYC?
Lower Broadway on a Saturday at 2pm. Just Kidding.

Fred Leighton. Duh, I think every girl would respond the same.

My new apartment. Finally moved out of 500 square feet and loving every minute of it. I'm planning my first "Dance Party USA," a common occurrence at the old pad, and I can actually have more than two people over! Get ready friends, put on your dancin' shoes.

The flower district. It's only one block long, but there is nothing like it early in the morning. I always find a new flower or color that inspires me.