Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What We Are Reading This Summer

Even in these hot summer days, these three books are perfect for cooling off and relaxing. Flip open one of these books and escape the heat, even if just for an hour.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
David Mitchell weaves through time and space with this masterful novel. Like Russian Matryoshka dolls, Cloud Atlas contains nested stories that exist in places distinct and vastly different from each other. Mitchell takes the reader on a journey from the South Pacific in the 1850s to the dystopian future and back again, spinning stories incredibly varied and yet amazingly interconnected. Segmented into six stories, sometimes even cutting one off mid sentence to start the next, Cloud Atlas keeps you on your feet and utterly engrossed.

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
For someone interested in lighter fare, Tina Fey’s autobiographical Bossy Pants is comedy perfection. Bossy Pants recaps Tina Fey’s life through anecdotal snapshots, making sure to spend plenty of time on her awkward teen years. Reading the memoir is like listening to her read it out loud – the book is written just like you would expect her to talk, including all of the sarcasm. Witty and smart, Tina Fey isn’t afraid to take snipes at herself. In fact, she encourages the reader to laugh at her unfortunate childhood sartorial choices and less than perfect social skills. The book is a quick read if you can manage to stop laughing long enough to finish a chapter.

Blow by Blow: The Story of Isabella Blow by Detmar Blow with Tom Sykes
Blow by Blow chronicles the famed Isabella Blow, a fashion icon noted for her eccentric style and eye for recognizing top talent in the industry. Credited with discovering the legendary Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan to name a few, Blow led a colorful life as a vivacious muse, which came to an end when she tragically took her own life in 2007. Moving from her childhood up to her shocking suicide, her husband Detmar Blow tells beautifully the story of his wife. Exhilarating and vibrant, the book offers a glimpse into a world of high fashion, adventure and tragedy that was the life of Isabella Blow.