Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Our Radar

With summer blockbusters taking the theaters by storm it is always refreshing to see some new up and comers on the silver screen. Check out our list below to learn more about who is on our radar this summer:

Sundance sweetheart Brit Marling starred in two films at the festival this year: Sound of My Voice and Another Earth, both of which have been picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight. What makes Marling stand out from other actresses is that she not only stars in both films, but also co-wrote and produced them. Marling began studying economics at Georgetown University and during her summer, she interned for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, however, upon graduating, she realized that a career change was in order. Marling now has not only actress, producer, and writer on her resume, but also director and cinematographer with her first documentary in 2004 titled, Boxers and Ballerinas, which follows a boxer and a ballerina in both Miami, Florida and Havana, Cuba and explores the US/Cuba conflict from the viewpoint of these young athletes.

This year’s films are more science fiction based: Another Earth follows Marling as an MIT student who accidentally kills a family when she crashes into their minivan. Upon her release from jail, she re-connects with the father of the family and together they journey to Earth’s duplicate planet to discover what their lives could have been in an alternate reality. In Sound of My Voice, Marling plays a cult leader, claiming to be from the future, having returned to save the lives of the chosen. The movie follows a couple of documentary filmmakers risking their own lives and sanity to join the cult and learn her secrets.

Mireille Enos
We loved her on Big Love so it was no surprise to us that Mireille Enos is one of the new faces on the Emmy lineup this year, nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Drama for her role on AMC’s The Killing. What’s next for Mireille? She is set to star alongside Brad Pitt in horror drama WWZ.

Chloe Moretz
For being only 14 years old, this little actress from Atlanta, Georgia has racked up quite the resume. The Kick Ass actress just finished wrapping up a plethora of big budget films such as Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, with Jude Law and Sacha Baron Cohen, and indie drama Hick, where Moretz stars alongside Blake Lively and Alec Baldwin. In Hick, Mortez plays a rebellious 13-year-old who runs away to Vegas, leaving behind her neglectful Nebraskan parents.

Recently it was announced that Chloe landed the role of Carolyn Stoddard, Michelle Pfeiffer’s daughter, in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Although films seem to be occupying a majority of Chloe’s schedule, we wouldn’t be surprised if this little prodigy one day launched her own clothing line. She has described Chanel and Dior as some of her favorite brands.