Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tumblr Series : ShoeLust

Nicole Helmeid is no exception to the age old idea that a woman can never have too many shoes. During the day, Nicole works as a wardrobe stylist for a popular news station in NYC. By night, Nicole is responsible for the extremely popular Tumblr page SHOELUST where she posts a variety of shoe candy daily from both streets and runways all over the world. We had the chance to sit down with Nicole, who discussed her love for menswear, which shoe designers are on her radar and inspiration destinations. In the market for a new pair of shoes? Be sure to check out SHOELUST for free shoe giveaways, here.

1. How did you get your start?
My friend Alexandra asked if I wanted to be part of a shoe blog. I, of course, said yes and started hunting for the best shoes I could find. A few of the other contributors still post occasionally but I am the most active on the account, probably because I have the most time to look for shoes and the most obsessive.

2. Where is your favorite place to see street style?
Around the shows during fashion week. Fashion week in New York is the time when everyone goes all out. I definitely have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are reserved for fashion week events only, they are too crazy for everyday life.

3. What are 3 shoes every women needs to have in their closet?
A flat Chelsea or combat boot, a great black wedge, and a classic leather-soled oxford.

4. What film or music video is most inspiring to you when it comes to shoes?
Even though it has nothing to do with clothes or fashion, I would say Paprika. Itís full of surreal visuals and I love strange design.

5. What is the most exciting or outrageous thing that you have come across while blogging?
A highlight was when Noritaka Tatehana emailed me shortly after founding his brand. He was pretty much unknown at the time and I was blown away at the crazy shoes he made (which now Lady Gaga owns and has made very famous).

6. If you weren't a blogger you would beÖ just an average internet addict.

7. What are your 3 favorite places in NYC?
B Flat my favorite bar, Atelier to look at all the amazing menís clothes that I wish I could wear, and the Bronx Zoo.

8. Blogger or Tumblr?
Tumblr! Itís so easy to use, set up, customize, and keep track of your favorite blogs.

9. How would you best describe your personal style?
Boyish and dark.

10. In your opinion, what makes shoes so powerful?
They can completely transform your look. A plain dress can suddenly look formal with a great pair of heels. A more formal outfit can be dressed down with an oxford or ballet flat. They can also make you taller and who doesnít feel powerful when they are suddenly a few inches taller?

11. What next for ShoeLust ?
Just continuing to post shoes that catch my eye, but Iím hoping to incorporate more giveaways for our readers. We just had the first one in May and it got a great re