Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behind The Scenes Resort 2012 : Interview with Sandymontana

Producing the Resort 2012 film was an incredible, new project for us and the highlight was definitely working with our exceptional creative and production crew! Our 70+ team were all true professionals and we can't thank them enough.... We'd love to introduce you to a few of the superstars who really made our debut film an unforgettable experience.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Creative Agency Sandymontana is small team of brilliant innovators responsible for not only conceptualizing and producing the video - but infusing an amazing balance of calm and energy throughout the entire process. Communicating via video chat, emails and phone - the team consisting of Uli Beutter-Cohen, Davis Priestley and Colin Brown - identified the Resort's inspiration, listened to Prabal's vision and brought it to life. We cannot thank this team enough for this incredible journey and stay tuned for future Prabal Gurung x Sandymontana projects ... to learn more, check out below!

1. How did you get your start?
We are storytellers and filmmakers by trade who found themselves drawn to advertising. We started Sandymontana as a platform for collaboration that would allow us to shape the world we live in.

2. Do you have a favorite scene?
We love New Thing top to bottom, front to back.

3. What films / music videos were most inspiring to you when it came to working on the Prabal Gurung Resort 2012 film?
It's a wild mix of inspiration. Prabal loves Yayoi Kusama - we let ourselves be inspired by her work. There is also some classic stuff in there like Jay-Z or Madonna. James Bond titles. And then of course Prabal and Rye Rye are an inspiration all on their own. We definitely played around to get the right attitude for New Thing.

4. How do you balance your aesthetic with that of the artist or company you are working with?
Collaboration rules. We believe in the discovery of new angles and points of view that would otherwise not have come to life. And that this discovery amongst collaborators creates a better outcome ultimately.

5. What was the most challenging job you have ever worked on? And what is the most exciting or outrageous thing that you have come across while on the job?
We don't kiss and tell!

6. Where do you go for inspiration?
Our team is pretty diverse. We pride ourselves in creating a multi-facetted perspective at Sandymontana. We started a Digital Digest forum where anyone from the Intern to the Account Director can discuss and present whatever currently inspires them. Sometimes we just drink beer and look at the Oregon rain.

7. Blogger or Tumblr?

8. In your opinion, what makes fashion and music collaborations so powerful?
Seeing the 2012 Resort Collection on a model feels completely different from seeing it on Rye Rye. She has such a strong personality and as an artist is on such a crazy journey that we felt Prabal's collection would really elevate her story. Just like she elevates his. They change each others context in the best way possible.